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Michael Totman

Rent Vs. Own, Which Makes More Sense?

Have you ever been surfing your local community page on Facebook when you come across a rental listing? If you have, you know it’s time to get your popcorn ready as you open up the comments and read the arguing that goes back and forth about how the rent is too high/low, how you could own the house for that much, or how somebody’s cousins’ uncle bought a house 3 years ago for nothing down and it comes with a home butler, Olympic size pool, eight car garage, granite everything, 16 bedrooms, and a Jacuzzi tub for less than half that rent!

Well next time that happens, or if you want to know whether you should buy or rent, just use this calculator! Feel free to input the criteria specific to your situation and see how your situation stacks up.  If it’s time for a move then give me a call, I’m Mike Totman with Bridge Realty.  Call me and my team at 508.386.5000!

Once you run this calculator click on the magnifying glass to go through the details to learn just exactly what it costs you to own a house vs rent. What’s better for you? That’s up to you to decide based on your situation but if you want to buy, I can help!